I bought Zipper-by-the-yard Now what?

How do I cut the zippers? 

measure the zippers to the size needed according to your sewing pattern make sure you know whether or not they included the seam allowance if now include the seam allowance and cut with scissors.


How Do I avoid unravelling?

Use a lighter to melt the edges of the zipper tape like you would polyester webbing but don't set it on fire!

How do I add the zipper pulls?


Adding the zipper pulls takes practice, but the more you practice the easier it gets.

  • Open about 1 inch of zipper tape

  • Slide the one side of the rounded end of the pull the narrow end with two openings onto the end of the tape.

  • Slide the other side of the pull making sure that it is even.

  • While holding on to the zipper pull and the zipper tape slowly slide the pull unto the zipper tape.

Are you a visual learner? we you are in luck we've added a video bellow!

Can I make two-ways zippers?

Absolutely all you need to do is add a zipper pull on both ends.


Do I need zipper stops?

When using nylon zipper tape, you don’t need zipper stops.  You can sew over the zipper teeth back and forth a few times or depending on what you are sewing you can use zipper tabs.

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